Thursday, January 31, 2013

I collect dolls... pt.1 !!!

I remember being a kid and getting the Disney store catalog sent to our home, as we didn't have any Disney stores in Canada at the time. One year the catalog showcased an 'Aladdin' doll set and a 'Beauty and the Beast' doll set.
As a kid they were the the most coveted items on our (my sister and I's) wish list, that Christmas when I got my Aladdin set and she got her Beauty and the Beast set is one that I remember better than most Christmases before or after. I still have those dolls in well played with condition, they were certainly loved and perhaps that's why even now I can't bring myself to put them to pasture. I would through my teen years collect the odd doll, but never again a Disney doll as I found from that point on the quality deteriorated from the early 90's set we had loved so much.

 Time passed and my need to collect dolls diminished and I moved onto other interests, and for years my memories of childhood became fuzzy distant things. Fast forward to 2010 and I hold my beautiful perfect baby girl in my arms and it was like a forgotten vault opened in my mind and the memory of the fun and excitement of those dolls came back full force. I wanted my daughter to have that magical memory of getting her favorite Disney characters to play with and to enjoy hours upon hours of imaginative play with friends or future siblings.  I started to look up dolls and eventually after seeing the scalpers prices for things on Ebay I decided to look up Disney Store online. I had no idea at the time I would be opening a Pandora's box of doll collecting and further Disney desires!!!

So my collection for my daughter began here, but eventually I needed to add more, so next came the princes...

  Then the fashions.....

 Once I had collected this trove of wonders I thought my collecting days were numbered little did I know I had just begun!!!! tbc......

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